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iBec Creative


iBec Creative is a graphic and web design company that specializes in providing our clients with fresh ideas that grow results. It is our philosophy that it is not only our job to provide a website that is attractive, but a website that is user-friendly, search engine optimized, and easy for our clients to update. Our goal is to develop long term relationships with our clients so that we can always offer fresh ideas on how to improve their website. Our approach is to analyze Google Analytics on a regular basis to learn more about areas that we can tweak for a better functioning website. In a fast paced web environment, it is important to always keep a critical eye on your website and have a strategy for continuous mini-improvements. This way, your website will never become expired and you will always be on the leading edge of web technology.

Location Information

306 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101

Contact Information

Name: Becky Stockbridge
Phone: (207) 221-0790